☛ the meat of a slaughtered bull, steer, heifer, cow, or other adult bovine animal. These animals may be sold to be slaughtered as young as 1.5 to 2.5 years old ….


☛ popular name for pig meat, largely known as a tasty and healthy meat. It is the most commonly consumed meat worldwide.It is highly prized in Asian cuisines …


☛ one of the most popular meat among the consumers in the whole world. It’s lean, plentiful and has a very neutral flavor that lends itself to be easily marinated. There are countless …


☛ provides us with meat, dairy and eggs, as well as wool and leather. An efficient and prosperous animal agriculture historically has been the mark of a strong …


☛ the ABPs (animal by-products) are animal carcasses, parts of animals, or other materials which come from animals but are not meant for humans to eat.


☛ are supplied to a variety of meat industries, from butchers through to wholesale meat suppliers and abattoirs. Our meat wraps are utilised both within the domestic and …


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We Are Creative & Professional

With so many years of providing world class service to our customers in the meat business, a need to provide a „one stop shop” for a comprehensive service solution was for us more than natural. By adding this dimension to an already dynamic and customer centric asset based provider, we feel we bring a total solution.

Honest And Dependable

Our mission is to get to know each and every one of our clients as intimately as possible in an effort to match them with the best resource to meet their needs. Each Client we form a relationship with is as unique as a fingerprint. We pride ourselves in connecting our clients with the fairest proposals. Once we have found the best product or service for your company the opportunity to truly demonstrate our value will come into play.

Quality Commitment

Quality consciousness has been a long-time concept and practice for us. Baltra Ltd is fully committed to achieving full customer satisfaction through the best quality of all offered products and services.
Our mission is to be recognized as a leader in the high quality products and services and to be a preferred supplier to all of our customers.

We Are Always Improving

At the heart of everything we do in our company, the improvement has a special position. We strive to be the best – we are restless, always learning, always improving. We constantly set high standards and then try hard to exceed them. We deliver results, win where we compete and celebrate our success.


I’m extremely impressed, both with your product as well as with your service and your colleagues!”

“I very much enjoy the ease of working Baltra and your service support staff is the BEST!”

I have always received good service from Baltra Ltd. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner.”

Out of all products I have that run my business and all companies I do business with, I have never experienced more professional customer service on every level all the time each and every time.”

I agree with your statement that your service is second to none. I have not needed support very often but, when I do the response time is very quick. My issue is treated with urgency and a solution is found in very little time. Thanks again.”


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