June 12 2017


“chilled meat must be kept cold until it is sold or cooked, if the cold chain is broken, condensation forms and microbes grow rapidly”

Other Factors
The same rules about not overloading, leaving space for air circulation, opening doors as little as possible and observing the highest hygiene standards when handling the meat apply. An ideal storage temperature for fresh meat is just above its freezing point, which is about 1°C-3°C.

Our vehicles for transporting meat and carcasses we consider as an extension of the refrigerated storage. Their object is to maintain the meat temperature at or near 1°C. Meat should be chilled to 3°C before loading. Meat should hang on rails, not on the floor. If stockinettes are put on carcasses they must be clean. Trucks don’t carry anything other than meat.

The refrigeration is usually produced by injecting eco-friendly gases into the compartment. The temperature in the trucks can be set and controlled to minimize the temperature rise and to avoid condensation on the meat surface.