“one of the most popular meat among the consumers in the whole world”

It’s lean, plentiful and has a very neutral flavour that lends itself to be easily marinated. There are countless ways to prepare the types of poultry.

Poultry consists of many varieties of domesticated birds. These types of poultry include guineas, geese, chickens, ducks and turkeys.

Chicken is the most widely eaten poultry in the world. It has both white and dark meats and has much less fat than other poultry. Young, tender chickens could be cooked by using any cooking method. Older birds are best suited to being braised or stewed. Chicken has the unique appeal of being extremely versatile and due to its neutral flavour lends itself to a variety of garnishing, marinating and can be stuffed, basted and paired. There are several types of chickens that are defined into classes of age: hen, broiler/fryer, roaster, capon, fowl.

Duck is one of favourite types of poultry due to its exquisite fat and excellent texture. The most common type of duck used is a young duckling. It only contains dark meat and large amounts of fat. Duck has a high percentage of bone and fat to meat.

Goose contains only dark meat and has very fatty skin.

Turkey: we all know about turkey and we should all know the differences in turkey compared to chicken. The difference in size alone means that the production change substantially. Turkey is the second most popular types of poultry. It has both light and dark meat and a relatively small amount of fat.

Poultry is highly perishable and particularly susceptible to Campylobacter and Salmonella bacteria. As such, it is critical that the poultry be stored at the right temperatures. Fresh chickens and other small birds must be stored at 0C – 2C (32F – 34F) for up to two days (when fresh). Larger birds can be stored for up to 4 days. Freezing poultry is recommended at -17C (0F) or below and should be brought up to temperature gradually and always at cooler-temperature.

• main commercial cuts of poultry are: breast, fillet, drumstick, thigh, leg, wing, neck, back
• offals: liver, heart, gizzard, tail, paws, feet, testicles
• industriale use: MDM, baader, trimming, skin