“are principally designed for the packaging of animal carcasses”

For Whom?
The Stockinettes are supplied to a variety of meat industries, from butchers through to wholesale meat suppliers and abattoirs. Our meat wraps are utilised both within the domestic and international markets and are made to the highest standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

For What?
The meat wraps are principally designed for the packaging of animal carcasses.

Tecnical Features
The wraps are made from high quality polyester and cotton Stockinette and come in various grades and dimensions. They can be easily modified to suit the intended application depending on the carcass to be wrapped or specific customer requirement. The Stockinette bags are suitable for wrapping: lamb, mutton, goat, beef, pork.

Purpose of usage
– better hygienic treatment of meat
– anti-bruises and anti-burns protection
– lower weight loss (calo)
– longer shelf life
– better presentation of carcasses

Manufacturing options
The stockinette wraps can be manufactured in any length and varying diameters to suit the intended carcass or “meat on the bone” to be wrapped. Widths available are in cm:140, 160, 180, 210, 240, 260. They are supplied in 5kg rolls.