Docs Sys


          “Baltra DocSys© is an efficient document management system to track, manage and store documents according to a set of procedural rules”

It coordinates tasks between our workers and synchronizes data between other management systems, with the ultimate goal of improving our organizational efficiency responsiveness and profitability.

It automates the flow of employee tasks and activities, reducing the time the process took to complete as well as potential errors caused by their interaction.

It makes processes more efficient, compliant, agile, and visible by ensuring that every process step is explicitly defined, monitored over time, and optimized for maximum productivity. Given optimal, up-to-the-minute process data, our employees can take quicker action and make smarter decisions.

Baltra Docs Sys© cooperate with the food traceability systems of our suppliers which enable to follow the movement of any food product by documentation of each point of food handling (so-called : from fork to farm” food chain). When an incident occurs, the food traceability system could efficiently assist in the recall of the food product in question and assist in the investigation of the cause. Also transmitting and verifying the relevant information would contribute to increasing reliability on the information of the label and so on, and thus enables consumers to purchase food with a sense of security.