By-Products & Pet-Food



“animal by-products”

The ABPs are animal carcasses, parts of animals, or other materials which come from animals but are not meant for humans to eat. They can either be destroyed or can be used to make compost, biogas or other products.

3 categories of by-products based on the risks they pose:
Category 1 material – ‘for disposal only’ – high risk
Category 2 material – ‘not for animal consumption’ – high risk
Category 3 material – ‘not for human consumption’ – low risk

Pet-Food includes (3rd category):
– fresh meat for pets
– carcasses for feeding zoo or circus animals
– offals
– fats
– bones
– aorta
– testicles
– pig bristles

Other by-products:
– hides
– hooves
– feet bleached or burned