“The intensification of animal production has allowed for increased productivity but is often associated with significant and widespread animal welfare concerns”

Animal Welfare
We are involved in animal welfare-related activities, contributing to a better understanding of the issues at stake, in relation to productivity, food safety and security, human and animal health, sustainability of animal production, and rural development.

Continually Striving
We continually strive to improve our animal welfare efforts through the use of new technologies and the implementation of standards that meet and exceed regulatory requirements and industry guidelines. We also believe that animal welfare is a key component of a sustainable supply chain alongside nutrition, good environmental practices, fundamental rights for workers and economic viability.

What Means for Us
For us, the proper and humane treatment of animals is addressed through standard operating procedures, verification, and process improvement, designed to assure animal welfare and product quality. Promoting higher standards in the livestock sector is in line with Baltra’s strategic objective to support more efficient and inclusive agrifood systems. The welfare of farm animals is a matter of highest concern. Animal welfare can be generally defined as the avoidance of abuse and exploitation of animals by humans by maintaining appropriate standards of accommodation, feeding and general care, the prevention and treatment of disease and the assurance of freedom from harassment, and unnecessary discomfort and pain.

Road to Awareness
Moreover, Baltra’s concerns over the quality of life of animals, and the quality and safety of the food products of animal origin, have led us to a new awareness of how farm animals are being raised, transported and slaughtered for food production.

Point by Point
our animal welfare practices include:
• prevention and treatment of disease and injury
• prevention and mitigation of pain, distress and other states of suffering
• provision of diets and living conditions that are suited to the needs and nature of animals

We also eagerly promote among our partners that the compliance with animal welfare practices can contribute to improving animal health and can influence livestock productivity and production costs. Worldwide growing interest in farm animal conditions confirm us that, together with issues of food safety and environmental pollution, the issue of animal welfare will continue to be for Baltra the important point of business activity.